Nail Infection And Treatment

Many of us get nail fungus infection in some period of our life.  This is common and mostly, it can be cured through home remedy, or some cheap over the counter cream.  However, for some, the infection might be more serious.  In such case, it is advise that you seek doctor’s help, or treat the infection with clinically proven medication that will remove the infection.

If you live in a hot and humid area, for example India, or the south east asia, you might get the infection more easily than the others living in UK.  This is because the bacterial loves humid and hot place.  They like sweat and they love dirty socks.  So if you happen to be living in such places, make sure you change your socks often, wash your feet clean as often as you can and keep it dry.  This will help to put the bacterial in check while you apply foot cream to remove the infection.

Many people like to get the over the counter foot cream to treat their infected nails.  This works well in some cases when the infection is not serious.  However, you will find that over the period of treatment, this might turn out to be more expensive and time consuming.  It is recommended that one get the prescribed medication from the doctor, or to at least get those fungus cream that are clinically proven.  This approach will cost a bit more but it will save you money and pain in the long run.

The infection in contagious.  Do not go round sharing your socks, or wearing other people shoes if you are infected.  You will be passing the bacterial if you do.  Stay at home if you can when you are infected.  It is advised that you stop all activities that might make you sweat if you got the infection.  This is not possible for some.  Do try to stay dry and clean yourself often if you cannot stay out of the sweating works.

There is a product call the Kerasal that got quite good reviews on treating nail fungus.  Many forums and websites talk about this product and given their endorsement.  You can check out the reviews at to understand what it does well, and not.  It does cost a bit more than the regular otc drugs.  But like I said, you pay more, but you save more too.  It depends what you prefer.

5 Substances Known As the Best Cure for Toenail Fungus

Having some weird dark matter on your toenails isn’t really such a pleasant sight to see. Not only unpleasant by its looks, it’s also disturbing because of the bad odor it gives. The best thing to do with toenail fungus is to remove them. Not only just for personal hygiene, you also need to treat your toenail infection because it disturbs the people near you. Want them gone as soon as possible? Wait no more. Down below are the 5 things that compete to be the best cure for toenail fungus.

  • Olive Leaf Extract

When it comes to absolute sanitizing utility, the olive leaf extract wins against all. Known as “nature’s natural antibiotic”, the olive leaf extract can easily kill all of the viruses, bacteria, protozoa, and fungi that it went up against as tested. This title really isn’t for show also because of its natural unwanted microorganism-killing ability. Being fully capable of killing fungus such as tinea and candida, olive leaf extract can easily sweep you off your problematic toenail fungus.

  • Listerine

Listerine works extremely well in disinfecting your toenails. Soak your feet in more or less 40ml of Listerine. Then, add two cups of warm or hot water. Do this for at least once a day to give you the results you want for your feet fast. Being a potent antiseptic, Listerine kills the fungi on your toes quickly as it kills the other kinds of unwanted bacteria. Some people even consider this as the best cure for toenail fungus.

  • Lemon Juice

Vitamin C is well-known for its ability to kill foreign viruses not only from the interior of the body, but also on our skin. Lemon juice is also sometimes used to clean wood and polish floors. Having antiseptic and antifungal properties, lemon juice is an excellent combatant to use against the toenail fungus. This makes it naturally competitive on the spot to be the best cure for toenail fungus.

  • Orange Oil

Just like lemon juice, orange oil is also an exceptional way source of vitamin C. With antifungal properties, many consider this as the best cure for toenail fungus. There is a little catch however. Orange oil may have side effects and cause allergic reactions. But this is dependent on which skin it is used on. Test the orange oil on a little part of your skin first before dumping the whole extract on your feet to prevent further complications.

  • Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar offers its users a large pool of traits that it can use to help kill the toenail fungus. Its mild acidity prevents the fungus form spreading to other toenails or skin. It also kills the fungus with its acidity, making it commonly regarded as the best cure for toenail fungus.


Latest Research News For ADHD

According to the medical specialists, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) is a common behavioral disorder that shoots itself right since the childhood. At the same time, psychiatrists believe it to be a neurobehavioral disorder strengthening since a very young age. Despite this, it is a fact that Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) or ADHD not only affect kids but also adults. In fact, a person of any age can have this disorder and that 60% of affected children retain the condition even in their adulthood.

So, what does ADHD mean? Regardless of the term in use such as ADD, ADHD, or hyperkinetic disorder as known in Europe and a few parts of the world, the condition refers to the difficulty in concentration and often overactive response. The affected person finds it more difficult to focus without getting distracted, control what she or he is saying or doing, and to determine how much physical activity is suitable for a specific situation than the normal individual. In simple words, people with ADHD are more restless as well as impulsive.

In children, the disorder is very different, which is evident from too much excitement and rowdy behavior. This separates them from those who are restless and inattentive to some extent, which are not necessarily the symptoms of ADHD.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), more than 4 million American kids between 4 to 17 years of age are suffering from ADHD, of which 2.5 million children are getting ADHD medication as of 2003. In 2003, above 7.5% of school going kids had ADHD, which their parents had diagnosed. The latter might throw some light on is ADHD genetic or not. According to the Psychiatric Genomic Consortium’s Cross Disorders Group, ADHD, major depression, schizophrenia, autism, and bipolar disorders might inherit some common genetic variations.

What Causes ADHD

What causes ADHD is yet to be clearly known even today, although the research is ongoing for clues. Most researchers believe that several factors together add up to the condition, which include:

  • Genetic or Heredity: Because ADHD can be a part of family’s medical history, the kids of those families are more likely to inherit the genetic variations causing ADHD.
  • Disturbance in Brain Chemicals: Most medical researchers are of the opinion that an imbalance of chemicals in the brain, which are responsible for transmitting nerve impulses to control behavior, can trigger ADHD symptoms. Moreover, it is believed that genes affecting the functioning of some brain chemicals appear to be dissimilar in ADHD patients. Latest studies reveal that dopamine as the brain chemical may contribute to ADHD.
  • Brain Changes: Brain areas that are responsible for attention are less active in patients suffering from ADD/ADHD than in those without ADHD. Even an injury to the brain or a brain disorder may play a role in the development of ADHD. Additionally, kids with ADHD tend to possess some brain parts that are less energetic or undersized.

Other Causes: Poor nutrition, alcohol consumption, addiction, infections, and smoking are also some causes of ADHD, which work by altering the brain development of the baby. Similarly, exposure to harmful substances such as insect killers and lead, in childhood alter brain development.

Reference: US Health Authority


Habits To Prevent Skin Problems

Your face is extremely significant an integral element of your identity and you ready to make nice care of your skin to own a fresh looking face, everyday. Good subject to do is to choose something real. You can find several skin care products reachable in the niche, when it drills down to trusting the product for your face. Virtually, herbal skin care products are pretty well known in industry nowadays but that doesn’t mean any firm or any herbal product may be trusted. Korea is famous as the world beauty capital and Korean entrepreneurs that specialise in skin care products are trusted.

Soriso is a prominent position in skin care products manufacturer in korea and it got stood up to users expectation with its herbal products that are uncommon and suitable for all skin types. It’s a well no matter what product you are using from this entrepreneur, you are surely getting something herbal and something actually good for your skin. Trust nature and trust brand and you should own a youthful skin for a long time.

Besides, it was required to treat your skin with moisturizer and more; Your skin intends to be hydrated just as your torso and for nice hydration. Mask shall really provide glow to your skin. Soriso is prominent for manufacturing the very best herbal face mask that gets gentle care of your skin. It is always made of Ginseng, Peony, all, Cornelian Cherry and 3 unusual ingredients which are famous for providing smooth skin.

The question is. Ways to Use the Skin Mask?

Mask fits perfectly on any face and you can intend to stretch it a bit to fit it carefully. It works like a cushion on your skin and you can discover 3 layers that work to provide that perfect look. For example, it keeps your face hydrated and smooth for long and in case you got any skin irritation, you are not going to feel same after using it. The Korean facial mask sheet works wonder on your face.

On top of this, before you can apply any mask on your skin it will be crucial to clean your face. Then, solely your eyes and mouth remain visible, simply use a herbal face wash and toner on your skin and fit the mask on it correctly. Ok, and now one of the most important parts. Let it rest on your skin for 10 15 minutes and try to relax your tensions at the time of use time. Remove the mask from your skin, once 15 mins are over. The remaining essence can sink in it because Pat on your skin gently. Doesn’t it sound familiar? Your skin must feel suppler and younger and you shall look beautiful. For better outcome, you can use mask once in a workweek or whenever you have got an especial occasion.

Is Acne Genetic?

The simple answer to this question is yes, acne is genetic, but how does this help you with your acne when about ninety-five percent of the population will have to deal with acne at some stage in their lives. If you are suffering with a really bad case of acne and you are not sure what to do, finding out acne is genetic might not be the solution you are looking for or maybe it is.

Sometimes with certain medical conditions, identifying that it is genetic might not help, but perhaps if a genetics specialist could identify the exact gene that causes your acne, perhaps this can be used to treat it. Acne is a skin inflammation that affects many young people, and if one of your parents or both of them went through this, then it is likely you will too. If this is the case then this might not be as bad as you think. Asking your parents or anyone who has acne for advice on how they coped with it might be in your best interests. It is quite likely that your parents or other family members can give you a ton of advice.

So forget about asking your friend who has never had a pimple in his or her life what to do, talk to your parents or your siblings or even friends at school who are going through the same thing. Ask your parents if you can go and see a doctor or a skin specialist. An expert might be able to suggest ways you can cope with your acne and reduce the amount of breakouts that happen.

Sometimes it is not just teenagers who deal with acne, some adults find they are still dealing with annoying pimples right up until middle age. Usually in cases like this, adults who deal with acne usually get a break and stop having breakouts around the time they hit their thirties.

If you are female, you might want to try to identify if your acne is genetic, because this can save you a ton of money on purchasing the wrong products or trying the wrong treatments to get rid of your acne. Another reason you may want to look at your genetic history if you are a woman is because your acne might be occurring based on too much of one particular hormone, and perhaps something can be done about this.

Sometimes the genetic link can be narrowed down and doctors can often suggest a treatment based on whatever gene set off the acne in the first place. Without getting too scientific, scientists are studying gene therapy and other treatments for certain illnesses, and there is no reason why they would not be successful in doing this for people with acne. When ninety-five percent of the population are affected, then it does seem like a worthwhile study that would benefit millions of people.

While it is likely that you will get acne if your parents or siblings went through it does not mean you are in danger of contracting other illnesses. Scientists have had no luck in determining who will get acne or who will not get acne, however if there is a genetic link you might be dealing with acne in your teens or you might not. The fact that so many of the population are affect by acne would make it difficult to narrow down studies on this condition. Glucose levels and cholesterol levels were found not to cause acne, however this is curious given too much sugary food can bring on a breakout.

Obviously in the future the research being done will reveal more information that the professionals can pass on to us in the form of how to deal with and treat acne. What is also being discussed within medical circles is the mental health issues surrounding teenagers who are going through a terrible time with acne. Some teenagers suffer depression and anxiety issues because they hate how they look and often there are cruel kids who tease them. If you are having a rough time dealing with acne, find someone you can talk to. Talking this through with a trusted person will really help.

In closing this discussion, ask for the advice of people who have been through this especially if they are related to you. What they did to cope with acne might really help you. In the last few years medical advances have been made, so if your problem is genetic, then it is probably worth asking your parents to take you to see your doctor, especially if your acne problem is serious and not clearing up with good skin care and a sensible diet.

528 Hz – Transformation and Miracles (DNA Repair)

528 Hz – Transformation and Miracles (DNA Repair)

Solfeggio tones are creating music for calming an overactive mind. This can also send us to connect with GOD.

The 528 Hz, according to Dr. Leonard Horowitz, is the central to “musical mathematical matrix of creation”. Compared to the sounds that had previously discovered, the love frequency or 528 Hz resonates everything from the heart. It connects to a person’s heart, the spiritual essence and the twisting reality between heaven and earth.

Love frequency is considered as the miracle note of Solfeggio’s original musical scale. As confirmed by some researchers, those core or main creative frequencies were being used by the ancient healers and priests during the advanced civilizations in order to produce blessing and manifest miracles.

Victor Showell, a Math scientist describes the 528 Hz as the fundamental of ancient Phi, Pi and Golden Mean

Human brain in abstract medical background

The Healing Effects of The Mind Through the Solfeggio Frequencies

noticeable through the natural designs. John Stuart Reid and Vic Showell are the pioneers in cymatic measurements and acoustic research. They proved that the 528 Hz is an important element in the circles of scared geometry, spirals consistent with hydrosonic restructuring and DNA structuring.

It is said that 528 circulates from 6. Number 6 is considered as an icon in physical manifestation. By using the Pythagorean math, 5 plus 2 plus 8 = 15 and perceiving 1 plus 5 will result to 6. The “6” reflect to the spiraling down of heaven to earth. As a matter of fact, love frequency is also fundamental in broadcasting all energy and matter to reality in accordance with the laws of physics.

The Definition of 528 Hz as Love Frequency

The 528 Hz is considered to bring an extraordinary and remarkable change in person’s life and because of that, it was called the “Miracle Tone”. Dr. Joseph Puleo has analyzed the true meaning of the tone by using the hidden entities of Webster’s dictionary and Latin dictionaries.

“Mi” tone was categorized as:

  • An extraordinary incidence that exceeds all known natural powers or forces of human and was attributed to GOD.
  • A surpassing or superb illustration of something.

The 528 Hz is a tone that’s also connected with DNA Repair

The 528 Hz Frequency, who uses it?

In journal of Llewellyn Lloyd in Royal Society of Arts dated Dec. 16, 1949, he described his tune up drive to a brighter, inspiring and more soothing frequency than 440 Hz. He expressed his fondness for 444Hz tone that manifest c-5 pitch of 528 Hz. He said that a 4 Hz pitch higher is more pleasing for musicians everywhere.

528 Hz as Recipe for Planet

528 Hz is also considered as the bioenergy of longevity and health. It is a harmonic vibration that will lift you voice and heat in harmony to heaven. The world would be very beautiful when the love vibration is permeating in the air. More and more people are choosing 528 Hz to awake their spiritual, mental and emotional well-being. The 528-healing frequency helps a person to have a perfect flow of harmony and rhythm in their body. Our entire economy is nearly built with a foundation of death, sickness and illness. The power of love frequency can entirely end the problems of the Earth. The 528 Hz will definitely help you in restoring your consciousness to its maximum potential and power. You can make your own frequency recordings here with binaural beat software.

For ages, humans have noticed that certain ratios, shapes and numbers have a sacred significance. For example, 7 signifies different aspects in many cultures, number associated with geometric shapes and Golden Ratio and Fibonacci series are instrumental in all from music to arts.

The Sacred Meanings behind Geometric Shapes and Numbers

Sacred and symbolic meanings are also recognized to some geometric shapes, numbers and proportions or ratios. Through the years, especially during ancient times, some numbers had a symbolic meaning aside from ordinary use of calculating and counting. In geometry, the figures like squares, triangles, hexagons, polygons and others are linked to certain numbers. As for example, the 3 angles or triangle is associated with number 3, the 4 sides of square is associated with number 4 and so on. Attaching of symbolic meanings to the numbers for example number 7, occurs consistently in some cultures all over the world. Also, mythologies and religious of world is associated and filled with 7s and some are the following:

  • By combining the 3 sides of triangles and 4 sides of the pyramid in Egypt will result to seven.
  • There are 7 musical notes in one scale repeat at octave
  • The Roman Catholic beliefs on the 7 terraces of purgatory.
  • 7 virtues and 7 deadly sins of the Christian Church
  • The 7 steps of Buddha at his birth
  • 7 heavens and 7 earths of Islam
  • 7 worlds in Hindu Universe
  • 7 branched Jewish menorah

Pythagoras believes that the integers are representing the fundamental meanings. He claimed that the number 7 is the “vehicle” of human’s life. According to him, 7 signify the union of matter and spirit. (The 3 natures of spirit and the 4 elements of matter, the fire, water, earth and air)

Scared Geometry

As simply described, Scared Geometry is composed of the numbers from Fibonacci series or Golden Ratio. Through the ages, especially during the ancient times, the numbers are significantly used in planning and constructing of the religious structures such as temples, churches, tabernacles, mosques, monuments and altars. It was also used in scared spaces like he scared groves and holy wells and the development of religious art.

On purpose or not, the humans are seemed to be hereditarily programmed in responding to sacred numbers, shapes and ratios. Thanks to Leonardo Fibonacci, an Italian mathematician for developing and introducing his popular Fibonacci sequence, its association with the mystical ratio, the Phi and his paving approach of the shapes that supported the today’s magnificent buildings and structures and remarkable wonders.

The Fibonacci ratios, shapes and numbers are being used to explain the growth, harmony and creation from the numbers of petal in a flower and magnificent architecture to the spiraling galaxy and universe. For music lovers, this is one of the most beautiful harmonies in musical scale that will please any ear and specially the spirit.

Click here for more information and to purchase the MP3 of the 528 Hz recording. You can also make your own binaural beats/frequency energy recordings:


The Basic Principles Of Evolutionary Biology

3000px-Tree_of_life_SVG.svgThere have been a number of great scientific revolutions over the last few hundred years, but none more revolutionary than that of Darwin’s theory of evolution. When he published his book “On the Origin of Species” in the 19th century, it overturned millennia of religious doctrines about the place of humanity in the natural world.

Today, evolutionary biology is one of the most well-established theories in all of science. The basic principles of evolution are quite easy to grasp, but applying these principles to the natural world takes a lot more work. However, anyone can understand how evolution and natural selection work in just a few minutes.

When Charles Darwin came up with his theory, he based it on a few simple observations. First of all, he noticed the obvious fact that children resemble their parents. This is because parents pass on their traits to their offspring through heredity. Tall parents tend to have tall children, dark-haired people have children with dark hair, and so on.

Second, Darwin noticed that there are always limited resources in the environment. There is usually not enough food for every organism in a population, for example. This suggests that there is a continual competition for these resources among the different members of that population.

Finally, he also noticed that certain traits made some organisms better suited to obtain the resources they needed. For example, a stronger animal might be able to fend off competitors and capture more prey, or a taller organism might be able to reach more leaves on a tree. However, this competition is not always an overt one involving physical strength and dominance.

From these three simple facts about the world, Darwin deduced the idea of evolution through natural selection. Since organisms are always competing for resources, and some organisms are better-positioned to triumph in such a competition, they will naturally tend to have more offspring than others.a-look-into-the-study-of-evolutionary-biology-13

By passing on their traits to their children, those creatures that are fitter and better-suited to the environment will gradually see their traits become more common in a population. Over time, therefore, populations tend to change in response to various external pressures, and it is this process that creates all the diversity we see in the biological world.

Of course, there were certain weaknesses in Darwin’s theory as it was originally presented. For one thing, he had no idea how traits were passed from parent to child. It was not until the structure of DNA was discovered in the 1950s that scientists began to understand exactly how heredity works.

Evolutionary biology is now widely accepted by virtually all scientists who study the natural world. In the future, its reach may even be extended to other planets. If life is discovered on Mars or elsewhere in the solar system, scientists will finally be able to compare our form of life to an entirely different form. This may provide answers to some of the most difficult and complicated questions in all of science.